Welcome 你好 

San You Chinese School is a wonderful place for students to commence their learning journey. 


As a K-6 Chinese School located in Thornleigh in the Hornsby region, Sydney, we are focused on delivering learning Chinese (mandarin) language and culture through innovative teaching styles.


The school operates via a bilingual model, teaching students using both Mandarin and English and is a non-profit organisation listed under the NSW Government.


We serve both students K-6 and run separate adult classes.


Why study Chinese?


With globalisation and a shift towards a connected future, it is now recognised by many that knowledge of the Chinese language opens up many doors in both your and your child's social and working life, with Mandarin claiming the top spot as the world's most commonly spoken language.


The education provided prepares students for the future where the relationship between China and Australia will continue to assume wider and deeper importance on economic, political and social levels.


The School pursues high levels of academic achievement in both English and Mandarin and the development of cross-cultural competence through a supportive and tight learning community.




what's unique about us?       

Individualised Attention, Group Benefits

Our classes are limited to 10 students, with 10-1 attention. San You Chinese School ensures that your child will receive the attention he or she needs in areas requiring improvement. 


Combining spheres of reading comprehension, writing, art and dance; your child will develop as a whole, gaining skills in areas such as critical thinking, collaboration and creativity.



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Student Classes

Children K-6

Tuesday 3:45 pm - 5:15 pm throughout the school term

Times are flexibe. 

Please email sanyouchinesesl@outlook.com for more.


Adult lessons

Please contact Lina for more details

We are flexible with our time and location

teaching style

our methodology

Backed by science

We provide a unique and scientific approach to teaching students Chinese, breaking free of the traditional, static textbook model to develop their language skills naturally, incorporating creative elements that stimulate and grow different portions of the brain.

Active Learning  

We promote active learning through our flexible teaching program, enabline the student to take control as themselves, rather than spoon-feeding content. We integrate poems, songs, fairytales, plays and drawings as well as the traditional development of reading, writing, listening and speaking skills.

evolving Program

Our program focuses on exploring a new concept every week, keeping every lesson engaging and fun with an enjoyable environment.

what's new?

and THE story BEHIND

Lina Guo a PhD holder and DoE certified language teacher, has always been passionate about providing quality lanuage education to young children. After moving to Sydney when deciding to retire in her field of geoscience, she founded several schools throughout Sydney including a West Ryde Campus that is over 10 years old and she is constantly seeking new methods to improve her teaching style.
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